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  1. Riste

    Riste Ny medlem

    Hello Everyone!

    I've recently acquired my PPL (which I'm still waiting for it to arrive) and I also recently found out I'm moving to the above mentioned city.

    Me: Pilot with 48 hrs and no experience in other planes than PA28A. I fly for fun and to explore Sweden.

    Ask: Any information on how to fly for an affordable price, whether it is renting from a club (I only found one so far and have contacted them) or a plane owner (I have no idea how this would work and if it's even legal). Open to learning how to fly in different airframes as well as configurations!

    I'm moving in the middle of September which means I'm looking for any options suggestions and recommendations.

    I wish you a nice day fellow aviator!
  2. Per D

    Per D Aktiv medlem

    Hello Riste,

    I think you have been in contact with Daniel and you are much welcome to Trollhättans flygklubb. We also have collaboration with Uddevalla flygklubb where you can fly C172. Also if you are interested in UL the Backamo Flygklubb can help you with that bit!
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