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  1. Thomas Björn

    Thomas Björn Ny medlem


    Looking at taking my IR in Sweden. I hold both FAA PPL and EASA PPL.

    Any experience on the quality of Instrument Rating Single Engine Aircraft in either Nordic Flight Training or South Sweden Flight Academy. South Sweden FA seems to loose a lot of their busniess in last Annual PRofit & Loss statement. Are they bankrupt or about to be that?? Anybody knows?

    Any other school in Southern Sweden to be recommended?
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  2. Axelaxe

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    I did my cbir at ssfa. I for one was very happy with it. Seeing that Sweden has much less ir rated instructors then you would find in the US and the market is smaller I feel they did a really good job stitching together a good and thorough education. Don't know about the financials but I hope they are doing well as I plan on doing further ratings with them in the future.
  3. eerriikk

    eerriikk Medlem

    Hello! Maybe you can do the ATPL theory at TFHS for free and continue the IR at Sturup. Download the app AviationExam and start going through the questions starting today, you are going to need it for Airlaw where no logic can be applied :D
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  4. SE-AFB

    SE-AFB Medlem

    Smart due diligence to look at a schools financial health, I guess not many potential students/customers do that, but stay at focussing at the hourly rates. A questionable financial health would at least hinder me to send in too much money in advance. I would suggest to call, talk to and meet the respective schools. Normally you get what you pay for in the end (a general rule that seems to true also in the aviation world). With no particular reference to this case, be aware of those who promise too much to be true. Happy IR training!
  5. Dahlbäck

    Dahlbäck Aktiv medlem

    It might be worth mentioning that Linköping Aeroclub (www.lfk.se) has CBIR/EIR theory partly through distance learning (with a number of weekends involved) . It's only 3 hrs by train from Malmö C.
  6. Airborne again

    Airborne again Välkänd medlem

    My experience of Linköping Aeroclub is good. I renewed a lapsed IR with them some years ago and they were very flexible both in flight and ground training.
  7. MalinHK

    MalinHK Ny medlem

    Just for info, South Sweden Flight Academy is not bankrupt :) You probably checked the profit and loss for the old school South Sweden School of Aeronautics which was active up until March in 2018.

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