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  1. Riste

    Riste Ny medlem

    Hey Erik!

    I'm not yet enlisted in a flightclub personally. That's the reason why I think maybe this should go outside the flight club. But thank you for letting me know of that function I'll be sure to explore. As I said I'm very new into this and maybe that's why its pretty hard for me to comprehend how the whole system works :)

    In my opinion of there's a website or even a thread here where people just post availability doesn't matter which flighclub it is or which airport, people can connect and arrange for shared flights.
  2. Osmidig

    Osmidig Ny medlem


    A while back I found this platform that offers pretty much exactly what you are talking about and I think it looks pretty cool. I don't think they have a lot of traffic in Sweden yet though, I only found one available ride close to Stockholm. I agree more of this kind of activity would probably be a good way to keep people interested in flying. :)

  3. Riste

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    Wow this is great! I think if maybe more people here would contribute and add their flights! If only we promote it better within the community I think we can achieve great results!
  4. Merf

    Merf Aktiv medlem

    No worries about the lack of Swedish. Welcome!

    As for ridesharing, I do think there are some european sites for that (wingly has been mentioned already). Don't think any of them have quite caught on here.

    I've noticed that too, but at least where I fly it seems to not be utilised at all. Not sure the system has any good ways of searching for spots either? Sure one can click every booking and see if they have spots available, but that gets rather tedious. Given the somewhat low volume of flights in some clubs one would ideally want to search "across club borders" as well.

    I think regardless of system used the main challenge will probably be to get users to actually use it. Seems to be difficult getting people to actually DO something. Been talking to pilots in the club about stuff like going places and try to get together longer flights where new(er) pilots can "leech" some experience from more experienced ones and that way increase the amount of flying done (by, for instance, making flying to another country less "scary") and many seem positive when talking about it... but nothing ever happens. Dunno how to solve that part of the problem =/
  5. Anders Lidén

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  6. Fredan

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    Usch så mycket FUD han sprider. Kolvmotor är opålitligt, VFR är osäkert, flygplanet gammalt och därmed farligt. Svart låda saknas. Lägst nivå på certifikat är på nått sätt synonymt med inkompetens. Och så vidare...
  7. jekroth

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    Det är kanske något för våra organisationer KSAK, AOPA med fler. Att ställa fakta mot i media
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  8. Merf

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    Ouff, han är jobbig att lyssna på alltså. Maler på om att det är kolvmotorer, men det ska ju ganska mycket mer till än ett motorhaveri för att leda till den situation som fångats på bild. Han hymlar ju inte med att han vill se hårdare regler, men det är ju just dessa hårda regler som gör att flygplansflottan blir äldre och äldre.
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  9. Olle#one

    Olle#one Medlem

    Kan det vara ett fall för "Granskningsnämnde" ?
    Kan det bedömmas som att STV sprider falsk och vinklad information ?

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