You know you’ve been flying too much when…

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  1. Jonas

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    You know you’ve been flying too much when…

    You pull out of your driveway and start to drive with your car centered on the dashed line

    You spend so much time scanning for (airplane) traffic when driving that you forget there’s a truck comming toward you

    You pull into the parking lot and start turning off the radios, electrical equipment, and saying where’s the dang mixture?

    You use your car’s parking break just before reaching your destination

    You roll down the window and shout “CLEAR” before starting your car

    You break through left turns and accelerate through right turns

    You get really nervous about the skids around corners

    You drive home from work – you start sequencing cars for the approach at a four way stop sign

    You drive into a fog bank and immediately start to stare at the dashboard

    You start logging the odometer readings on your car

    You are lost in a strange city and you let go of the wheel and get out your map without pulling over or stopping

    You tell the cop who pulled you over that you are allowed to go up to 250 below 10,000′

    As you’re merging onto the highway, you pull back on the wheel and don’t

    get airborne. In panic, you abort the takeoff, and hit the breakes (This drives the guy in close trail with you crazy)

    You get out of your car and start looking for the tiedown ropes.
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