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  1. Riste

    Riste Ny medlem

    Hello everyone!

    First of all, I would like to start with an apology for writing this in English since my Swedish is basically non-existent...

    So some background:

    I moved to Sweden two years ago for my work and I have decided that it's a good time to start studying and pick up a PPL. I signed up with this school (I will try not to give any names), however, the pace and service that I am receiving aren't what was mentioned before they got me to sign up. I am also determined to study the theory on my own but I would want to do theory and practice (as soon as the weather allows) in parallel which looks like I won't be able to do in my current flight school. The reason why I want to do this is simply that I work full time and I am doing this as a hobby and would like to complete this in a timely matter (less than a year).

    1. I'm not exactly sure how everything works when you make that contract, is it possible to change a flight school? And if yes what are the steps, and is it worth doing so?

    2. I have already passed 2 PEXO Subjects with this setup. Do the PEXO results/passed and failures carry over?

    3. How does the system work, is it possible to find an Instructor and make a deal with that person to perform 2~3 flights per week out of whom 2 would be on a weekend?

    4. Where and how to find these people...

    As a non-Swedish speaker and basically no network contacts within the aviation, I've found that it's pretty hard to find the right people to talk to so that's why I turned here.

    I am open to any kind of suggestions and questions I basically want to learn whats the best way to see what are my options if there are any. If I have said something stupid, please forgive me and feel free to correct me, after all, I'm pretty new in the aviation world and especially in the Aviation student world.

    Any feedback and or insights is greatly appreciated, I wish you the best of day and safe flights!
  2. Airborne again

    Airborne again Välkänd medlem

    Yes. Basically you contact the new school and tell them that you want to change to them. The previous school is obliged to transfer your student records.

    They do. They are related to you personally and not to the school.

    As opposed to e.g. the US, European rules do not allow freelancing instructors to teach for pilot's licenses – you have to go through a school. It is up to the individual school to decide how they want to do the scheduling. Many flying club schools let the students work out the schedule together with their instructor.

    The Swedish Transport Agency has lists of all flight schools. You want to check "Flygplan ATO" and "Flygplan RF". Unfortunately that list doesn't say exactly what licenses each school trains for, e.g. some may only do commercial licenses or only large aircraft. Probably your best bet are the schools in the "Flygplan RF" list as they are restricted to noncommercial licenses. Please note that a change of regulation is taking place. All "RF" schools will soon have to change into the new "DTO" kind of school (or, less likely, an "ATO" kind of school). It seems there is as yet no list of DTO schools. The Swedish Transport Agency also doesn't list schools that teach ultralight licenses exclusively.

    The web site of the Royal Swedish Aeroclub (KSAK) has a list of their member clubs. For each club it is stated if they have a school ("Skolning/typ") and what licenses they train for.

    No worries. You are right to ask!

    If you could tell where in Sweden you are based, then people could give you some concrete suggestions. (Unless of course you feel this would give away what school you attend right now.)
  3. Riste

    Riste Ny medlem

    Awesome! Thank you for all the feedback. I really appreciated it.

    I have to go through the list and try to contact all the respective schools and find the ones that do practical training in English :)

    Regarding the location, you're right, I should have shared that, I live in Central Stockholm which means that I'll have to commute to the required airports but that is well aware of and would happily do if I am able to find the right school!

    I just remembered an additional question, is it possible to do theory at 1 school and practice at another?

    Once again thank you for the time to reply and have a great day!
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  4. FarewellFire

    FarewellFire Aktiv medlem

    I can recommend @Larscho - who owns his own plane and runs his own business. He´s one of the best instructors that I've flown with and you´d get the personal touch.

    However, it also depends on if you plan to go commercial or not. If you aim plainly for a PPL and a life worth of fun in the sky then I´d recommend a mom´n pop-operation (i.e. a smaller outfit) that won´t see you only as a number.
  5. Riste

    Riste Ny medlem

    Hello @FarewellFire!

    Thank you for the recommendation and your reply. My aim is exactly as you mentioned PPL and life worth of fun in the sky for now!

    It turns out it's pretty hard to find what I want so I'm managing my expectations and performing a reality check.

    Have a great weekend!
  6. Stjärnan

    Stjärnan Aktiv medlem

    Absolutely. I´m doing that right now but it´s for IR rating, but it´s the same for PPL.
    Regarding own studying, Most of the theoretic schools have a standard that you need to have a certain amount of hours in their lessons, but I dont know if it is a demand, but I think so.

    Good luck.
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  7. Airborne again

    Airborne again Välkänd medlem

    It is.

    The schools can choose (within limits) different number of self-study and lesson hours but they have to have their course plans approved and once approved they must be followed. (The new Declared Training Organisations don't have to have their course plans approved but they have to submit them to the Transport Agency and still have to follow them.)
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  8. Larscho

    Larscho Moderator

    When it comes to LAPL and PPL there is no more a requirement to have classroom instruction. In my DTO I have 100% distance learning which works for some but not all students.
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